The “chronological” order of “All That We Left Behind,” my “Sugar from the Future” fic series

This is (somewhat) chronological (as “chronological” as a time travel series can get), and I may fill in the gaps between some fics.

I have also laid out the events in a timeline.

The dates are not in order because they are divided into 5 categories:

  1. Establishing Brittana and supporting characters in the future!Sugar universe (1993 - 2012)
  2. Brittana as adults and mothers (2021 - 2030)
  3. The POV switches to Sugar as she gets older (2031 - 2040)
  4. Establishing the rules of time travel (2040 - 2050)
  5. Sugar in present day Lima (2011 - 2012)

Drabble: It All Began With a Love Story (1993 - 2040s)

Fic: They’ll Be in Love Forever (circa 2007)

Fic: You Had Me at “Cello” (January 2012, “Michael”)

Fic: Speak (September 2012, “The New Rachel”)


Fic: And So it Begins (2021)

Drabble: You Were Always Waiting by JJ (winter 2023)

Drabble: “I’d Probably Get Her Pregnant…” (late spring 2023)

Drabble: Tickles the Clown (June 2026)

Drabble: The Flying Machine (circa 2029)

Drabble: “Don’t Touch My Time Machine!” (circa 2030)

Fic: Let’s See if You Believe in Me (December 2031)

Fic: Charlie the Unicorn (Winter 2033 - 2038)

Fic: Coach Pierce-Lopez (Spring 2036)

Fic: Untitled (Charlie goes to preschool) (2039)

Sketch: Charlie and Ghost by Maria (circa 2039)

Fic: Charlie and the Vanishing Broccoli (2039)

Sketch: Charlie and the Vanishing Broccoli (2039)

Drabble: What Do You Know? by JJ (2040)

Dialogue blurb: "Siri, call my daughter at 10pm and remind her to wash her dishes" - a mashup of mine and Kelly’swriting styles (2040)

Drabble: What Do You Know? by JJ (2040)


Fic: All That We Left Behind (September 2040 - when Sugar goes back in time)


Fic: Absence by MCM (early 2040s)

Fic: String by MCM (early 2040s)

Fic: Rules of the Game, Pt. 1 (alternates between 2011, 2040, and 2048)

Fic: Pre-Dawn by MCM (2048)

Fic: Pinpoint by MCM (late 2040s)

Fic: Rules of the Game, Pt. 2 (in progress) (alternates between 2011, 2040, 2048, and 2050)

Fic: Meet Mr. Motta (alternates between 2011 and 2050)

Fic: CPR by MCM (early 2050s)


Ficlet: The Audition (September 2011)

Fic: Loud and Out of Key, Sing Me Anything (in progress) (November 2011)

Fic: More Than Just a Dance (December 2011)

Drabble: Sugar and Artie (alternates between late 2030s and December 2011)

Fic: I’ll Have a Blue Christmas Without You (December 24, 2011)

Fic: If Only in My Dreams (time travel from December 29, 2011 to December 29, 2039)

Drabble: “Bitch please, my mamas TAUGHT me how to be this rude!” (January 2012)

Fic: Car Rides with Lucy Q (in progress) (alternates between February 2012, 2030s, and 2041)

Fic: Doppelganger (in progress) (alternates between February 2012 and 2039)

One-shot: Family Resemblance by JJ (May 2012)

Suganalysis: Sugar combines Santana’s snark and scheming, and Brittany’s “give no fucks about what people say” attitude

Suganalysis: Notes from “Heart”

Also check out MCM's "World on a String" series, which, to date, primarily features Brittana and their son, Charles, coping with Sugar’s absence.

If time permits, there will be more to come and I’ll keep adding to this list. Stay tuned!

(Summary and overall universe updates as of February 11th)