Lolol, awesome! This is going to be another difficult task to find a winner, methinks! But let’s face it, I think we’re all winners in this contest! ;) :D

Oh man, if I could post pics of the other attorneys here, they would probably beat us all…

doctoruth, actuallyitsmisschanandlerbong I’m crashing your gay off with more gay

doctoruth, actuallyitsmisschanandlerbong I’m crashing your gay off with more gay

Can you please help me understand why the writers on Glee are so terrible? in the Opening Night episode when Santana just rocks up ALONE why does NOBODY ask where Brittany is/how their holiday was?? They don't get enough attention & it makes me sad


theres a lot of things about glee that make me very very sad

i dream of the day we can grill some RIBs


No, no, I didn’t know [about the wedding]. I mean, I was very happy for her, uh, but no I didn’t. They’re a cute couple. I think she’s very happy, she looks very— […] Yeah, I said “Congratulations,” you know, it’s great. I didn’t know if it was real at first, so I wasn’t sure if I should congratulate because you never know what’s real anymore.
Chris Colfer (via nayarivra)



White Heterosexuals in Love

Coming to theatres next spring, a love story that is vaguely forbidden between two kind of sarcastic, innocent cisgender people who grew up in middle class american families.

"A masterpiece."

-New York Times

"I cried a little at the end."

-Some Housewife

Naya arriving at a hotel in LA (July 30th, 2014)


Whatever you do, do it for love.

I don’t mean for a significant other or for anybody if it’s at the expense of yourself. But let everything you do be a labor of love. For someone, anyone, anything.

If you’re up a little bit early, cook your parents breakfast. Call your grandparents to let them know you’re thinking about them. Hug your screaming, fretful toddler. Pick up your significant other’s favorite dessert at the bakery on the way home because you know they’re working late. Power through a tough day because you know that somehow, some day, the work you’re doing will all be worth it and will benefit somebody that you’ll never meet. Let your pet sit in your lap. Treat yourself to a night off.

When times are rough, remember that whatever you’re doing, trace it back to love. Love yourself, because you deserve it for everything you do and everything you endure.

Strip away the hate. Leave the hate behind. That won’t feel nearly as good as it will feel as doing something for love.

Take care of each other. Be kind to each other. Be kind to yourself.

And remember to love. Always, always, always.



Expectations Vs. Reality / Game of thrones