do I have any low-income LGBT NYC followers? or anybody that knows people that could be described as such?


can we just talk about the similarities real quick….

Roch: (Facebook status) Naya Rivera is married so I guess I can give up on everything now, sigh
Step mom: (texts literally one second after my status posts) A little melodramatic, aren't you?
Roch: NO
Is it just me or do you see a ring on her ring finger in that photo set of Naya you reblogged... O_o

ooo wait which one? I’m actually on my Tumblr mobile app since I’m interning but I can look on my laptop later. I think other people said they saw a ring?

I know I reblog some of the posts that poke fun at Naya in a fandom way, but honestly, I won’t pretend that I know anything about her personal life. She’s living her life and doing her thing and I often feel bad that her personal life is so open to public scrutiny. I acknowledge that I contribute to some of the public scrutiny in however tiny and indirect of a way with some of my reblogs, tags, and passive aggressive commentary. But all in all, I obviously won’t pass actual judgment on life decisions that I know nothing about and have no business with. Do your thing, Naya.

Naya changed her name on Twitter to Naya Rivera Dorsey


I never want to hear anyone call lesbians uhaulers after this

Naya Rivera and husband Ryan Dorsey spend a day in Cabo with their families (July 21st, 2014) x


big sean probably sitting there like