Why the portrayal of Brittany and Santana as individuals matters for Brittana (esp. in terms of the general audience)

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We did make Brittana happen though, right? We already know we have power. And lots of fangirls. So I’d say we have hope!

As the title suggests, I do agree that we’ve come very far, and our support for Brittana, as well as advocacy from HeYa, are what have made our ship into canon. But I can’t help but feel that there’s a bit more pushing that we have to do, because the respective portrayals of Brittany and Santana as individual characters are also a hindrance to the media and casual viewers taking our ship seriously.

I got a little passionate when I responded to this, so…more “feelings after/below” the cut, as JJ would say.

You know what breaks my heart? As long as Santana are Brittany are consistently portrayed by the writers as “the bitch” and “the dumb blonde,” those portrayals alone make it hard for anybody to take us and our ship seriously. Some people can never get past the:

  • "But Santana is a bitch and manipulating Brittany."
  • "Brittany is too dumb to know she’s being manipulated."
  • "Brittany is too dumb and weak to stand up to Santana."

The fact that these two labels can make the girls unlikeable also prevents people in the general audience from wanting to ship them with anybody. I’ve gotten from people in my personal life and read in polls:

  • "Brittany’s just a dumb slut though so lol whatever."
  • I don’t really care who Brittany gets paired up with. She just makes me laugh, with her dumb blonde comments.”
  • "Santana’s such a bitch though. I don’t like her. I don’t care about Brittana."

These are rarer responses, thank god, but when I see them, it boils my blood. First of all, Brittany isn’t stupid, Santana isn’t completely a terrible person. Second, even if they were, that doesn’t mean that they are unworthy of love, and that they haven’t found something special in each other, flaws notwithstanding.

We as Brittana shippers have looked deeply enough to know that there’s more to our girls than meets the eye, but as you can see, our ask boxes are constantly flooded with the same arguments:

  • "Brittany is stupid tho…anybody can mention the recession; that still doesn’t make a person intelligent."
  • "How can Brittany call what Finn did ‘bullying’ when what Santana does is worse?

Of course, the answers are more complicated than a simple one sentence explanation, but we repeat these arguments every week, and nobody seems to commit them to memory. We’re still asked those same question every week. We may be Brittany and Santana’s strongest advocates when it comes to their individual characters, and oftentimes, RIB write them in such a way that I’m convinced that even they don’t believe that Brittany is not dumb/Santana isn’t just a bitch.

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