Hathor: What brings you joy?

Battling injustice. Underdog victories. The look of happiness and surprise on a person’s face when you do something nice for them. People I care about getting the happiness that they deserve. When animals are so comfortable with you that they rest their chin on you. When 2 of my close friends duet for Stonewall karaoke nights. Kara’s voice when she sings along to the radio in the car (or when she’s washing dishes), and her face when she’s reciting lines from her favorite movies. Feeling confident in a shirt and tie. Finally getting that long 1x4 piece when you play Tetris.


Atum: What are your greatest imperfections?

I blame myself and apologize for basically anything (mostly things that aren’t my fault). I overthink. I’m a bad judge of character. Often self-absorbed.

Mythology Asks
Anubis: How do you feel about death?
Atum: What are your greatest imperfections?
Bastet: Do you have any cats?
Hathor: What brings you joy?
Horus: What is one thing you've had to fight for in your life?
Osiris: Do you believe in the underworld?
Ra: Do you have any major responsibilities or importance?
Thoth: Do you like to read/write?
Arawn: What is the most terrifying thing you've ever done?
Bran: How is your health?
Brighid: Tell us about your relationship with your father.
Cernunnos: What is your favorite animal?
Danu: What is your relationship with your mother?
Morrigan: What do you think happens when we die?
Olwen: What is your favorite flower?
Rhiannon: Have you ever been betrayed?
Bragi: What kind of music do you listen to?
Freya: Have you ever been in love?
Freyr: Do you have any children?
Hœnir: Are you a silent or talkative person?
Iounn: How old are you?
Loki: What is the best trick you've ever pulled on someone?
Odin: What is your family like?
Thor: Would you consider yourself pretty powerful?
Tree: What have you done with your life? What are you going to do with it?
Aphrodite: What do you think of yourself?
Ares: Are you an easy person to anger?
Athena: Would you consider yourself an artist?
Apollo: Do you play any instruments?
Dionysus: Do you drink?
Hades: Do you have a bad reputation?
Hekate: Have you ever tried to communicate with the dead?
Hermes: Have you ever stolen anything?
Poseidon: Are you a moody person?
Zeus: Are you a confident person?
Jupiter: Would people say that you are intimidating or fairly approachable?
Pluto: Where do you think we go when we die?
Apollo & Dianna: Do you prefer to be up during the day or at night?
Mars: Have you ever gotten into a fight?
Minerva: Do you generally give good advice?
Proserpine: Have you ever felt trapped?
Plutus: Do you have a job?
Venus: Have you ever had your heart broken?
Vesta: Do you like being home or do you try to get out whenever you can?
Morpheus: Do you daydream often? Of what?
are you attracted to white girls


i am attracted to a particular white girl but i am not looking at other white girls atm what are you talking about

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top 5 fan fics

This is my bad because I don’t read as much fanfic as most others do, sorry! This list only represents what I’ve come across and remember at the moment, and the order changes depending on my mood. I don’t doubt that there’s some really good stuff out there that I haven’t read yet.

  1. The Knife Thrower’s Daughter
  2. Fucking Super (or Freaking Super)
  3. White Shadows
  4. Triple post: whenever JJ writes about Brittana as mommies. (x)(x)(x)
  5. Double post: Jazzverse and Bob and Floyd’s
Top 5 favorite movies ?
  1. Empire Records
  2. A League of Their Own (“don’t use my bat, use Marla’s, it’s heavier!”)
  3. Star Wars (original trilogy)
  4. Mulan (“would you like to stay for dinner?” “WOULD YOU LIKE TO STAY FOREVER”)
  5. The Lion King 


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