but it’s Glee
jesus (most likely)


when you try your best but you can’t quit glee
when you don’t get what you want or what you need
when you blacklist but it’s still on your feed
stuck in reverse

and the smoke comes pouring out your ears
that people still give this shitshow cheers
can’t believe you wasted five whole years
could it be worse?

RIB will write season six
and it will be shit
and i will try
to quit it

i don’t watch glee when there’s no brittana so i have zero context for this but


actively refusing to reblog Brittana-positive tweets from RM

do you even know what a “steamy” laundry scene is tho



when ur readin fanfic and u read something thats not ur headcanon and ur just like “yea we’re ignorin that”

when ur readin/watching the actual canon source material and u see something that doesn’t fit ur headcanon and ur just like “yea we’re ignorin that”


People be wanting the character roster to be like



reasons why i have trust issues: bad tv writing 

that awkward moment when glee has more cast members than viewers

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