Felt nostalgic today and decided to watch Sexy and Born This Way on netflix. It occurred to me to ask you if there has been any in-depth analysis written on Santana's choice of "Landslide" as their song in Sexy? Also, what was your own particular opinion on the nuances of her song choice?


If there is an in-depth analysis of Santana’s song choice in Sexy, JJ was the one to write it.

Personally, I am so bitter that I believe the success of Glee’s first two seasons was pure luck. The writers are proverbial monkeys in a room with a typewriter who, against statistical odds, typed out War and Peace. I do not think the writers put much effort or thought into what song they gave Brittana to sing with Holly; the pieces just fell in a way that created an avalanche of fangirl loyalty. The follow-up with Songbird was also luck; Songbird is one of the softer, more feminine songs on the original Fleetwood Mac album and for some reason the writers decided to give us a break from having Rachel sing everything. Santana was the next obvious choice given her plotline at the time, but it could have gone to Quinn or Tina on a different day. I’m glad things happened the way they did, but I am not about to credit the writers with more than they deserve. They have proven themselves unable to handle Brittana’s plotline responsibly since Season 2 or ANY character’s plotline since mid-Season 4 so we owe them very little. 



Who the hell sat down to Glee six years ago and thought: 

Wow, I’d love to see all of these kids fail at their dreams and get stuck in a small, narrowminded town, FOREVER.



it doesn’t matter how many shows I watch none of them will let me down like Glee let me down


do you ever read a fic that is so much better than the actual canon that you get angry


Person: “Could this show get any gayer?”

Me:  Actually it could.  Like, they could add real gay and queer characters.



*sees there’s a queer relationship on a show* *starts watching that show*

*queer relationship is treated as a joke* *sets the show on fire*


if you ever think a tv show is doing something completely weird, you should know that Glee once had a teenage girl giving birth to the music of Bohemian Rhapsody, cross cutting the scene with a showchoir of teenagers performing the song at the standard of experienced professionals.


on a scale of one to glee how bad is that decision


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