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So a few days ago, someone wandered into my ask and was all ‘You know what would be totally cool? A t-shirt for the J.P. Adams and Son Traveling Circus and Menagerie from JJ’s fic The Knife Thrower’s Daughter’.

And it did sound cool, so I talked to JJ about it, and she was all for the idea. I went ahead and made one, and it lives here.

It has JJ approval, which is important, and it was really fun to make.



Thanks to you,I ship Bradtana BROTP forever. But now I'm sad we wont get any interaction between them anymore,no matter how slight. Have any more headcanons about their friendship?



So I would like to think that they become unexpected Facebook friends after Santana discovers that they both “like” BreadStiX—Santana for the awesome food, Brad for the charming waitress who works there—sometime shortly following Santana’s graduation.

At first, Santana sends Brad a friend request as a joke—she and Brittany find his profile page one night while they’re kind of tipsy and things just progress from there—so it totally surprises her when Brad actually accepts it.

After that, Santana and Brad do the whole “passively liking each other’s statuses” thing for a long time, until the happy day when this happens:

After that, they actually engage each other in conversation from time to time and forge a real friendship. That’s where we get into Roch’s Bradtana brotp headcanon.

Not gonna lie to you: I’m kind of in love with your question.

Thanks for writing in!

That Bradtana Facebook post, in addition to giving me all kinds of crazy feelings, got me wondering: at what point did Brittana change their Facebook statuses to "in a relationship", if ever?



So, of course, this is just headcanon, but I kind of like to think that as soon as Reggie Salazar’s commercial aired, Brittany sent Santana a relationship request, not only to show Santana that she didn’t have to go through everything alone, but also because Brittany is a political genius and knows that if you own a label, it’s harder for people to make something of it with you.

I’d also like to think that Santana accepted that request—proudly so.

I’m thinking it went down something like this: