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It feels really good to be around you. You make me feel like a girl again, like my body wakes up.

"That’s the smallest guy on the field, right?": On Kurttany, Closetedness, and Season One Brittana Behavior


Let’s take a trip back to Season One, all the way back to Brittany Pierce’s first spoken dialogue on Glee.

The delightful caruman asks:

Having watched 5.12/5.13 and i’m still tingling 2 weeks later. I discovered your blog. read the whole thing end to end. I felt the need to re-watch the whole series again from 1.1 and having read your writing on the subject Britt’s very first line in 1.4 took on a whole new meaning. your thoughts?

My answer turned into a right proper jabber.

Lots of feelings under the cut?

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Observations of a Crazy Brittanalyst: Part XXXIX


"I want you to come to New York with me”: On Brittana, Untangling Your Dreams, and Coming Home

Hey, fandom!

If someone had come to our little corner of the internet in March 2013 and told us that, in one year’s time, over the course of a two episode arc, we would get just about everything we had ever wanted for Brittana all in one go, and we wouldn’t have to do anything illegal to make such a miracle happen?

We probably would have laughed that person right out of cyberspace and then had a good, long cry about how we never got to hold onto our nice things.

After all, one year ago, our girls were broken up, and they had recently failed to get back together. Brittany had sent Santana to New York and was in a relationship with Sam. Santana had hooked up with Quinn. It seemed that we might never see Brittana in the same room together again, let alone as our beloved two-shot.

The idea that Brittana would eventually get back together, decide to travel the world as a couple, and plan to live together in New York while sharing multiple kisses and long, meaningful conversations as part of the process? It would have strained all credulity—and seemed like something out of a beautiful but ultimately fanon vision.

But guess what, fandom?

That’s what actually happened.

It’s real.

It’s canon.

Our girls got back together.

They are literally living their “happily ever after” even as we speak.

So, fandom? Let’s talk about how our dreams got untangled.

Feelings, feelings, upon infinite feelings under the cut!

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i was reading JJ’s kiss tags while walking over to my futon and i realized after a minute that i had made 3 laps pacing around the futon because i was busy being like “omg omg omg omg”