Thank you to everyone who messaged me.

Dylan, the author of Should Have Asked for Directions and the original victim of the theft, contacted me regarding the matter. Dylan pursued legal action against the thief and shut down the thief’s production, so I’m in the clear, in terms of TKTD.

JJ, is there a limit to the swag of Brittany S. Pierce?
Three words for thug!Brittany: Shaking my Head


Brittany doesn’t mean to lay down a rap verse for the remix of Mercedes’ hit single—it just sort of happens.

DeShawn has Mercedes in the studio, touching up some vocals for the radio remix of “Shakin’ My Head,” and Brittany and Santana have tagged along.

(“—you know, for mortal support,” Brittany says.)

Since they’re there, DeShawn has Brittany and Santana helping to lay the track, backing Mercedes with harmonies—which works out pretty well, considering that Brittany and Santana know the song super well from being on the mall tour.

They’ve already done a couple of decent takes when DeShawn gets a call from the label and ducks outside to answer it.

"Back in a sec," he promises, and that’s all it takes.

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What was your inspiration for TKTD



So, like most art, TKTD is a tapestry woven from innumerable threads. I drew inspiration from many, many sources both before I started writing the story and while it was in progress. I ramble a bit about those sources under the cut, if you’re interested.

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